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The New Braunfels Teens Aspiring to Serve Christ (TASC) Volunteer Group is in its third year and we are excited to announce we have made a few changes and look forward to this group growing and that YOU will join!

The biggest change is ages 10-12 are welcomed to volunteer with a parent present. Responsible teens (ages 13 and up) that are capable of following the organization’s guidelines and will respect the adult supervisor’s guidance can be dropped off or drive themselves to events. Parents can coordinate rides with other parents.

Another change we are excited about is more fun! We will have a monthly service event and fun as well as a monthly social time to have some fun! The student council plans are made by the teens, so join the group and help plan these monthly events!

What is TASC you ask? We are teens that take on the task! The student council leads and the adult supervisors help as needed. See the list of student council leaders and open positions below. Contact us if you may be interested in rising to the challenge and joining the student council.

What does TASC do?

  1. Every month we volunteer at organization for 2-3 hours (depends on the needs of the organization)
  2. After we are done, it is time for fun! Volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, eat at a restaurant, board games, pickleball, and more!
  3. Monthly social gathering is optional. This is how we hope the teens can connect while having some fun!
  4. Until Covid restrictions are lifted, we plan to meet weekly online so we can all get to know each other and plan when we can meet in person.

How is TASC organized?

  • Student Council leads and does most of the planning and organizing. The group was formed so students have the opportunity to lead and learn valuable life skills.
  • The adult supervisors (parents who will help plan and rotate being in attendance at volunteer events) are in regular communication to keep the group running smoothly.
  • The student council and adult supervisors are working on planning the volunteer events and activities for the 2020-2021 academic year. Letters of participation will be provided for service events so students can have community service hours documented.
  • Some of the places that TASC has volunteered are: NB Food Bank, Landa Park, Gruene Senior Living, Wounded Warrior Garden, Westside Community Center garden, Animal Shelter. YOUR recommendations and connections can help us plan this year! So join TASC and help us make a difference in our community and the lives of homeschool teens and families.

Here is the tentative plan with 2 activities per month (except December and May). Service and fun on one day and another optional time of fun:

  • August: Kick Off Party & Serve,fun
  • September: Serve,fun & Fun
  • October: Serve,fun & Fun
  • November: Serve,fun & Fun
  • December: Christmas Party
  • January: Kick Off Party for Spring semester/Serve,fun
  • February: Serve,fun & Fun
  • March: Serve,fun & Fun
  • April: Serve,fun & Fun/Elections
  • May: End of Year Party!

What does this add up to?

  • 8 Service opportunities and fun afterwards
  • 4 parties
  • 6 Fun times

So in 10 months, 18 times for your teen to be with other teens serving and having fun. Are you in? YES! Let’s do this!

PARENTS! You can join in the fun! We would like 2-3 more adult supervisors! This is not a huge commitment and not a ton of time is needed. It is a great way to serve alongside your child and have some fun too! These events are great ways to connect with your child and get to know other teens while helping facilitate healthy friendships in constructive ways that help them grow and improve their character. So email tascnb@gmail.com with questions or let us know you are in!

Check out TASC, email us at tascnb@gmail.com we will add you to our invitation list for our next online meeting. Come join the fun!

TASC leaders! The student council members are:

Connor Haley (President)

Supervise all activities for safety, clean-up and completion of the project. Advise other council (board) members. Set and facilitate all meetings and agenda. Consistently and clearly communicates mission and goals to all participants. Promotes teamwork through leadership, trust and encouragement. Initiates conflict resolution. Accountable to adult supervisors on all activities and plans. Leads meetings.

Taylor Gall (Vice President)

Closely assists and communicates with the President on all service projects. Works with the President and Public Relations/Social Media Director to set service projects for the school year. Communicates and coordinates with the Public Relations Director and other council (board) members to organize, plan and coordinate service projects. Assists the President at all meetings or facilitates meetings when the President is absent.

Annie Haley (Secretary)

Keeps an organized and clear record of all meeting minutes and attendees and distributes it electronically to the supervisors and all council (board) members in a timely manner. Assists in all projects as needed.

Josiah Watje (Hospitality and Entertainment officer)

Responsible for the social and entertainment activities after each service project or meeting. Inform all attendees the details for each social event. Introduce new council members to leadership as needed. Assists in all service projects as needed.

Historian (Madi Perez)

Takes photographs of volunteers during the service project for articles and other social media Uploads photos. Reminds parents and students to upload photos.

Mikaylee Hernandez (Member Liaison)

Greet people at meetings and at service projects. Ensure all attendees sign in at all events and that each person has a nametag.

The positions that are still open are:

Public Relations Officer

Writes “Thank you” cards to each coordinator of the organization and as directed by the President and/or student council leaders. Writes articles for the local newspaper to publicize completed service projects and volunteers. Initiates community outreach to advertise our mission and availability, if possible. Assists in all projects as needed. Social Media Officer Updates all forms of social media with council (board) input/approval. Coordinates with Public Relations Officer to post photos of volunteers and completed service projects. Assists in all service projects as needed.

Administrative Officer

Keeps all contact information for council members, volunteers and service project point-of-contacts. Knowledge of google sheets is required. Ensures if they turned in their paperwork such as membership agreement form, parental consent form, photography consent form, etc. Assists in all projects as needed. Informs parents and council members of meetings and other administrative information as needed.

Members at-large

While this person does not hold a position, he/she is expected to attend all council (board) meetings to contribute ideas and concerns regarding service projects. Fully participates in each service project as needed.

Email tascnb@gmail.com to contact the leaders. Jeanette Watje is an adult supervisor ready to answer questions. Contact her at jwatje@satx.rr.comor 8304812198

Facebook and Instagram accounts will be up soon!

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